Seiji Nair

photo of me

Hi, I’m Seiji. I am a multidisciplinary engineer that loves to design, build, code, and debug. I especially enjoy automating things. I studied Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University and my work spans across mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, software development, and music technology.

I love building tools and systems to make things easier.

I currently work as a Senior Systems Engineer at Waymo in Mountain View, CA.


Senior Systems Engineer - Waymo

Operations Engineer - Meta

Product Development Engineer - Intel

Operations Engineer - Intel

Failure Analysis Microscopist - Intel

What I bring to the table


  • Advanced Design Applications
  • Analog Circuits I, II, III
  • Digital Systems I, II
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Semiconductor Process Equipment
  • Quality Control Methods
  • RF Plasma Systems
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics


  • Python
  • SQL, JMP, Tableau
  • JavaScript, HTML/CSS
  • MATLAB, Solidworks, AutoCAD
  • UNIX bash/shell
  • Jira, Asana, Figma
  • VS Code, XCode
  • Git/SVN
  • Max/MSP, Pure Data


  • Rapid Ramp-up
  • Technical Planning
  • Debugging
  • Design Prototyping
  • Automation
  • Analytical Problem Solving
  • Growth Mindset
  • Global Collaboration
  • Documentation and Training

What I'm looking for

Data Analyst

Product Manager

Automation Engineer

Validation Engineer

QA Engineer

Program Manager


"Seiji is a phenomenal collaborator…in a short period of time, he was able to streamline our data management and tooling system, and support onboarding of our entire org to the new system. He is meticulous, creative, and solutions-oriented, often with little to no active direction. He was an invaluable resource to our organization, and any team looking for technical expertise paired with a strong communicator and collaborator would be very fortunate to hire Seiji."
Eleanor Thibeaux

(manager at Meta)
Lindsay Vora

(colleague at Meta)
"...what impressed me the most was how quickly Seiji was able to deliver - our timelines were borderline unrealistic (if not downright impossible), but because of Seiji's expertise and willingness to iterate quickly we were able to deliver by each milestone and then some…he was so easy to work with that he made what would have been very tedious and frustrating work actually rather enjoyable."
"He's one of those rare and extremely valuable team members who can bring creative direction and high level organization to a project, and then dig in to leverage his considerable technical skills in delivering a polished outcome."
Matt Nichols

(SWE at Meta)


GRE Quantitative Reasoning

  • 170/170 (99th percentile)

GRE Verbal Reasoning

  • 170/170 (99th percentile)

GRE Analytical Writing

  • 5.5/6.0 (96th percentile)


South Korea
Winter Olympics

  • Guinness World Record for most number of drones in a simultaneous flight

Music Festival

  • Led technical operations to synchronize a drone light show with Odesza's 2018 Coachella set

Radio City
Music Hall

  • Technical operations lead during extended collaboration with The Rockettes in NYC

Personal Projects




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